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Inspired by my Passion for Greatness – UR BEST COACH PTY LTD
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Inspired by my Passion for Greatness

Hi and welcome

My name is  Miriam and I will be  your LIFE coach.

I love music, food, family and friends, and lots of noise.

I am South America so I am bit loud, and of course I can speak Spanish.

The easy way to become the person you are ready to be, is being my motto..

On this blog  I will give you a bit of my history and how I become to be at this point.

It is a long story but I just start with the basics,

as we go forward you will see how everything come together.


I am a NLP Master Coach

but apart from that I have done a lot of studies and further myself by learning

who I am and what it is that helps me be who I am at this moment and tomorrow.


Train by the Tad James Co, on NLP , NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Coach, NLP Master Hypnosis.

I am also train on.

Hypnosis, done it with the right intention and believing  in yourself that you are ready to move to the next level.

Hypnosis is a great way to help in so many different way in your life to move forward and give you peace of mind.


Reiki Master,  beautiful way to find that energy can give you a lot of support if you use it.

With  Dez Dalton 7B Grandmaster Teacher, Life EmpowerU


Iridology, learning how the body works thru the eyes, has being an eye opener,

and what a fantastic way to learn about the body, how people work and what makes them tick.

At the Australian College of Natural Therapy


Psychic Medium, yes you hear right I am a psychic Medium, love this stuff, it amazes me that I can have this abilities, and

That I can help people with it, is what rely makes it so wonderful.


But my passion of course is coaching and helping others found their path in life

Being at service has always being in my blood.


I did Nursing for 10 years, then went to work for the Health commission, and then went into sales

Before I started finding my way to helping people.


So I hope that I can give you thru my blogs and understanding and a way to find what you are looking for.

Looking forward to hear from you and have a great time finding our way thru life.


Until  next time, hope you all have a great time finding yourself.


Love, Peace and Tranquillity




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