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I know, you know you can do it – UR BEST COACH PTY LTD
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I know, you know you can do it

Understand your memory storage and how to store and recall past experiences & mental conditioning.

Get Coached to decode a particular memory, experience or mental conditioning. Once you have the techniques installed in your mind, you can change it into a better more empowering code and install the new more empowering code back into the unconscious Mind.

Find out the internal representation of your brain and take control of it.
Get rid of unwanted or destructive emotions, like anger outburst, junk food eating, comfort eating…etc.
Stop any addictions like foods, beverages, mental addictions, emotional addictions and junk food addictions.
Deal with non-useful emotional responses to the external representation.
love and accept people for who they are.

Move people comfortably through obstacles that are holding them back
STOP all Procrastination forever. Reprogram self to take action on a task, project, exercise program and goals. Most people want to take action to achieve their desired outcomes. However, most procrastinate or find excuses why they cannot do it now. This is not because they do not want to; the problem lies in the unconscious. You see; the Unconscious Mind is NOT programmed to take these actions; therefore, the person must use a lot of “Will Power” to take these actions, and eventually, they run out of Will Power and therefore create excuses that end in procrastination. By utilizing this technique, we can change the programming of the unconscious Mind, and rather get the subconscious on board (instead of Willpower only), thus making it very easy for him or her taking the necessary action.

Reprogram to like something they currently dislike today and vice versa
Help to dislike unhealthy foods or drinks. Some of you might be eating unhealthy food, which is either making you overweight or affecting their health negatively. Using Sub-Coding, we can reprogram the Subconscious Mind to dislike that specific (bad) food, which will cause them never to want to eat it again. Some people cannot even look at that particular food again. If you want to specialize in health coaching, this will be a very powerful technique in your toolbox.

Get your Client to start liking healthy foods. This is a very powerful technique to help your Client to lose weight if they tend to live on junk food. For example; you might not like eating Broccoli, and you wish you did! Now, you can get the “Unwanted Coding” of eating Broccoli and change it into the same “Like Coding” of let say eating Chocolate or any other food the person like to eat!
Help someone do any task, action or internal process easier, which he or she currently find hard or frustrating to do. This is very powerful for all those “must do” or “have to do” task and actions we all find so hard to do.
Resolve any Trust issue with other people. (Some People do not even trust their Subconscious Mind)

Remember, any Obstacle that you encounter in your Client during the coaching sessions can be resolved by using this powerful Sub-Coding Technique.
P.S. If you understand the Encoding & Decoding of the Subconscious Mind (which we make sure you do), you will always get the desired results in your own life and that of your clients.


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