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What is judgement? – UR BEST COACH PTY LTD
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What is judgement?

What is judgement???

We all do it, but what does it really mean?

Of course, we cannot escape all judgement on a daily basis.  I’m not talking about your favourite ice cream flavour, chocolate being better than strawberry or vanilla. What I am talking about is the type of judgement that declares someone or something is better or less than another, or condemning something to be right over someone else’s wrong. This type of judgement causes pain to yourself and others, and if we were more aware of the amount of suffering it actually caused us, I am pretty certain we would all make a much bigger effort to stop doing it! When we judge another as better or worse, we have actually succumb to fear. If we are in fear, we have actually closed ourselves to love. We have all had some level of trauma in our lives, and when we cast judgement on another, for a brief moment we make ourselves feel better, lifting ourselves up with a false sense of confidence, which unfortunately is based in ego.

Two things to be mindful of

 The unconscious mind does not know we are talking about someone else!!! Whatever you say or think in relation to another person, your unconscious mind takes it as a clear directive as to how you would like it to perform, how you want your own life to be. You see your unconscious mind is like an amazingly, efficient personal assistant. Amongst other things, its role is to do exactly what you ask it to do. This is one reason why hypnosis is such a powerful modality. This is also why the phrase “when you point a finger at someone else there are three pointing back at you” is so true. Because the unconscious mind cannot distinguish you are not talking about yourself.

 The second point; because of this, by judging someone or something else, you automatically invite the exact same behaviour into your reality!!!! This alone, I believe is reason enough to do our best to do whatever we need to do, to work towards consciously accepting everyone as they are. That does not mean we agree with their behaviour. It does mean we love ourselves enough to not cause more stress and disharmony for ourselves, and the planet we all inhabit. This personal adjustment, I believe would go a long way to creating peace in your own life, those around you, and the world we all live in.

Many blessings.

Peace Light Love & Laughter




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