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let go of all the negative beliefs – with Miriam Marmolejo

When working with clients, I find that they all have a different outlook to what their problems are, no matter that we all go thru the same issues, the problems are like everyone else, but.we tend to see ours a major problem that no one else can understand,

I learn so much how to read people and how to help them thru my own experience, but every time i see a new client i find myself questioning if this will work.

After i did NLP i find that everything made sense, what i was doing was right and i was given clients what they need it.

But now everytime I see someone, i can see what the words I used, do to the mental and emotional stability of the person .

By changing my outlook on the phrasing of what it is I wanted to put across to them have changed the way people understand me as their practitioner.

A client come to see me,because he was unsettled and unhappy with the life he was living..

He felt he didn’t belong in the life he has chosen and with the family he already had.

The guilt and fear of what would happen if he voice the way he really felt to his family, left him feeling that he didn’t belong anymore where he was.

His life have become empty.

Once we starting working on his emotional and mental state, he starting seeing life in a different direction and taking action change his view of his life as he seeing it for what it really was, guilt anger and fear of the unknown.

Now he has a purpose to understand who he really is and how far he need to go to make his life what he wants.

And be what he needs to make his family part of his life..

Working on your suppress emotions and limiting beliefs, give you a sense of lightness and freedom.

Using NLP and working to let go of all the negative beliefs and becoming self aware of his emotions, help him become more aware of where this feelings come from and specifically with whom he has them.

It has now released and amount of energy that help him to move forward with his life more comfortable and aware of the need for change within himself.

Miriam Marmolejo


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