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Case Study:-

Challenge:-While working with my clients in recent time period ,i got a problem with a young lady who wanted to lose weight and she was well aware of the best diets and exercise routine that always had worked for her in the past ; still was always off the track from her motivation for losing weight and that made her upset of putting up pounds every week and she couldn’t wear her best dresses.

Approach:- My strategy was to help her in changing her procrastination to motivation. We did a complete breakthrough session with her to identify the history of the problem , identified her biological needs and problem areas. That undercover discussions helped us to identify which specific tools and techniques on her habits will be effective and so we installed that in her brain.

Result: The first step after our couple of hours of session she did was to book weekly appointments to keep track of her motivation and after a month she was fully motivated and in the routine of the steps she already lost about 2 kilos by the end of first month and that too with happy habits.

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