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Achieve with power of your mind. – Pooja Sethi

I am sure you are wondering and it’s good to wonder as we all have heard from our olden believes that talent is reflected at early ages which implies that if we can’t do anything in childhood then it’s very difficult for us to learn things later on in the age but i found a crack in that ,being NLP and Hypnosis Trainer, I challenged my mind who has never danced before in front of anyone(i am not shy but I never owned this skill) and this time I challenged myself to overcome this fear and removed the limited belief for my own self that I can’t dance.

My choreographer been very patience with me and shown a positive trust in me and so I did in my unconscious and the thing in my mind was I have to win and YES,YES I did it .I managed to get over my belief on my own ability and performed in front of those people whom I have to face every day i.e. your peers/subordinate at your work place. You can imagine my situation, Can’t you! So here I go, I was relaxed, smiling and the one thing in my mind was I am performing with best of my spirits and trusting my unconscious mind I achieved what I was thriving for which is just a start, as I am looking forward for many more performances now onwards and YES , A NEW LIFE is because of a NEW MIND and TRUST your unconscious and you can achieve your dreams easily and effortlessly.



  • Nisha Posted 12 hours ago

    Wow, thats inspiring


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