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Fear!!! let it go easily and effortlessly. – UR BEST COACH PTY LTD
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Fear!!! let it go easily and effortlessly.

Don’t spend your whole life in fear of what may be…

Hey, I hope you are having a wonderful day, and feeling happy.

The sun is shining here in Sydney so I am very happy, although we do need rain badly! We are on tank water where we are living so I have been bucketing the water out of the bath every night to keep my garden alive:)

Today I want to touch on the subject of fear, because this has been a major factor that has paralysed me at times throughout my life and has held me back from achieving my full potential over the years.

I’m sure I am not alone in this, and that there will be people reading this who can absolutely relate to the fear I am talking about…

Fear of failure

Fear of what others may think

Fear of not having what it takes or not being worthy

Fear of commitment

Fear of letting others down

Have you ever stopped to think about how has this effecting you? how has this controlled you and prevented you from becoming the best version of yourself?

From my experiences over the past couple of years, I have begun to realise that I have spent gthe majority of my life living in fear, and as a result have never actually followed through with the things I really wanted in life with 100% effort, until now.

We are conditioned to follow a certain social norm, told by our parents and other people surrounding us to play it safe and stick to the program; go to school, apply yourself to university, get a job and work your butt off everyday to make someone else rich.

But what if there was more to it, would you have the guts to step out of that social norm and make the changes to alter the direction of your life, despite the fear you may face.

I’m telling you now that there are endless possibilities out there, endless opportunities to change you life and to follow your dreams and passions. The only reason we are not all taking these opportunities and making it happen is simply because we are scared…

what if I can’t do this?

The key is to begin to change your mindset from a fixed mindset into a growth orientated mindset, it is time for you to start believing in yourself, to start noticing the opportunities around you and to begin leaning into that fear you are so used to and smashing through that comfort barrier.

As soon as you are able to take the first step outside of your comfort zone then you are already half way there.

We all have infinite potential within us and we are all capable of growth, change and living out our purpose, it is a matter of courage and choice to make it happen.

To finish this off I want to share with you my favourite quote from Henry David Thoreau… “If one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, and endeavours to live the life which she has imagined, she will meet with success unexpected in common hours”

Believe in yourself and lean into your fear. If you do, amazing things will start to happen.

We are a team of trained and certified personals who thrive to transform the planet with our coaching services. We belong to the leader’s community of this world where the vision of coaching is to take best out of you as U R BEST.

We are committed to working with individuals, professionals and organisations with the application of tools for life coaching, positive psychology, executive coaching and the psychology of peak performance, in order to create an environment where a coachee could learn, plan, apply and achieve positive, sustainable change to enhance life.

We mentor you for the values of your life so you process the information which is spread in the world, filter it based on your own processing system which is your conscious and unconscious mind and with your own critical thinking and experience the following every time in your world:-

Self Awareness
Balance in your life
Discover the quality of your life
Stress-free world
Behavioural excellence
No Negative emotions
Goals setting to create your future which you deserve

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