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Remove Conflicts

We carry large baggage of conflicts throughout our life. there are conflicts with in self and with others. Since childhood we have been given a lot of conflicted statement that kept us confused even today.

There is truth on both sides of conflicts argument. Yes, it is a good thing to pay attention to our feelings and recognize our emotions, but how can one do that if all one experiences are negative
The rational and logical approach typicd of the western thought tends to discard the importance of emotions as something
fiindamentdly flawed, and Therefore, to be avoided or, at least, controlled at all costs. Nevertheless, there is wisdom in an
emotional response. This author is not the first co disclose that emotions are sensible, intelligent, and not to be ignored.

We should let go all these conflict as soon as possible because they eat up all the resources with the body and bring us with a lot of health issues. health issues not always related to desicise that also addes a set of negative emotions.


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