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Evaluate yourself – UR BEST COACH PTY LTD
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Evaluate yourself

Score the following questions between 0 to 3 (0=Never 1=Sometimes 2-Often 3=Always) and send us the form for further discussion.

__ I am not knowledgeable enough; this is why I am reluctant to change anything in my life.
__ I never had anyone to support me and help me climb the social ladder.
__ I am afraid of failing·
__ I don’t believe I can succeed.
__ I don’t believe in myself.
__ I’ve never been give in a chance.
__ My life is far from perfect, but I can quickly pinpoint the shortcomings of others.
__ I have always procrastinate with doing things for myself,even things I’ve long dreamed of doing·
__ I am afraid of the unknown.
__ I wish I had more self confidence.
__ I have low self esteem.
__ I have a fear of rejection.
__ I pretend to be self assured, but inside I am very timid.
__ I get the feeling that other people have it in for me.
__ I am jealous of others, and that makes my life difficult.
__ I am afraid of a challenge. In fact, I hate it. It’s just too hard.
__ I feel resentful and critical when looking at successful people. Why not me?
__ I have done a lot of inner work and have applied the Law of Attraction, yet I have not succeeded.
__ I never felt really good about myself.
__ I am not smart.
__ I feel resentful and critical when seeing successful people.
__ I don’t know how to take the fear of the future and change It into something fun or exciting.
__ My dreams were just that-dreams. Life is very different.
__ I get anxious when I step outside of my comfort zone.
__ I would if l could, but I can’t, so I won’t.
__ I can’t trust myself to step out and do something for myself.
__ I don’t feel like I am free to do what I want.
__ I have always felt inferior.
__ I guess, I am simply not good enough.
__ I don’t think people take me seriously. Even when I am being serious.
__ I don’t follow through with my bright ideas; I talk myself out of them.
__ I made mistakes in my pase, that led to deep hurt. Never again,
__ In my career, when i hear “no” I take it personally
__ I am not an angry person. People make me angry.
__ I don’t know how to become self confident. I am trying, but I don’t seem to get there. So I am playing a game of pretense.
__ I am afraid of looking foolish.
__ I worry a lot about the future.
__ I feel guilty even when I don’t do anything wrong.
__ I had a difficult childhood. I’ll never overcome that.
__ I fear not being able to handle objections from my boss, spouse or parents.
__ I don’t set goals for the future; what if they don’t come true?
__ I wish I could live rrry life over again. Then, maybe things would be different.
__ I am afraid that I am losing face and I will look like a fool.
__ It takes too long to get results, so it’s not even worth trying.
__ I don’t make decisions because I’m fearful and anxious. What ifl make the wrong decision?
__ The best in life is not for people like me. I come from the wrong side of the tracks.
__ I blow up at my spouse/kids and it’s always their fault. They really make me angry.
__ I’ve had lots of emotional pain in my life.
__ I feel angry and rejected when others don’t like me.
__ I believe other people don’t really understand me.
__ I can’t decide because I feel very conflicted about what I want I know I should want something else, but I don’t.
__ I have always felt inferior.
__ I can’t discipline myself enough.
__ I can’t find real love in my life. In fact, I wonder if there is such a thing.
__ I’m good enough to make a means to an end, but I’m certainly noc an unusually gifted person.
__ If l change things around in my life, what would people say about me? They won’t understand.
__ I want to change some things but I just can’t get starred.
__ People criticize me for being aggressive, but, actually, I become defensive because I am hurt.
__ I am supportive of my family and even my co-workers. But I tend to put myself down.
__ I didn’t have good luck in my life, at least not to the extent that others did.
__ I do not perform at my best, usually out of fear or avoidance.
__ I had a lot of hardships in my life and I feel worn out.
__ I can’t afford the luxury to change anything right now.
__ I am too old for change. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
__ I think people around me are just too dumb.
__ I will always be overweight: it’s in my genes. Nobody can do anything about it. Why bother?
__ All I know is work; I wasn’t born rich, you know?
__ You have to put up with things you don’t like. That’s life,
__ I never meet the “right” people.
__ I don’t have the talent or skills that others have.
__ I don’t have anybody to help me. I am all alone in this life.
__ I was born under the wrong stars.
__ I didn’t got a good education where I grew up. There is nothing I can do about that now and that’s how it is.
__ With young children, my life will be chaotic for a long while
__ I’ve always struggled with money. People with money don’t care about me anyway, so what’s the point?
__ I’m afraid of heartbreak because I was betrayed in a previous relationship.
__ I am always be lonely, even if I am in a relationship, so there isn’t much I can do about it.
__ I worry that I am not a good enough parent to my children
__ I am afraid that others judge me; they may see the worst in me.
__ I don’t get paid enough to do my best work.
__ I cannot meet the right person.
__ My boss and co-workers don’t appreciate me.
__ My family does not appreciate or understand me.
__ I don’t believe I can do anything new, not now.
__ I was born in the wrong part of the world.
__ I am afraid of beautiful women. They eat you alive.
__ I stay away from handsome men. They’re only into chasing women. And they won’t look at me, anyway.
__ I am just a simple man/woman. Do you think I can really do what I want?
__ I don’t know how to build a business of my own.
__ I lack confidence in my ability to manage myself.
__ I am not sure what I really want.
__ I can’t get rich working for others, and I am scared to open my own business.
__ I do not have enough “juice” to keep things going.
__ I don’t have any desire to invest in myself. This is the way I am, and nothing can be done about it.
__ My spouse is going through a hard time, I must be there for him/her, so I can’t do anything for me.
__ I am not important,
__ I don’t make excuses; I am waiting for inspiration to hit me and when it comes I’ll do something big!
__ Life is a roller coaster. Whatever will be, will be!
__ If it weren’t for my family/the economy/my lack of skills/ lack of education/my gender/my children/etc., I could have been a success!
__ I am always worried about what other people will say about me if I do or don’t do something.
__ I live a boring existence. I wish I’d had more success, fun, and enjoyment.
__ I cannot begin any change because it’s too hard to sustain the motivation required.
__ I will get to it tomorrow. Today I have too many worries.
__ I don’t want to even try to see myself for who I really am.
__ I am not sure of myself, but I manage to get by.
__ I will suffer consequences if l fail.
__ People get On my nerves.
__ I had bad luck, and that’s why I am stuck.
__ I’m too busy to do anything I want to do for myself.
__ I’m just not the creative type.
__ I should be happy and grateful for what I have. Why try for more?
__ I have too much on my place.
__ I have to work hard at everything. I’d like to have it easy.
__ I have never tried to change my life, what would make me think I can do it now
__ I like to watch movies with people living an interesting an exciting life. My life is so boring!
__ The conditions around me are too difficult.
__ If you want to make it big, it won’t happen by working honestly.
__ I live in the wrong town/city/suburb.
__ I am not attractive enough.
__ I’m afraid I’m just not capable enough to hope for more.

Total Points ____________

Add together the total number of points from this questionnaires.

If your final score is 241-360, it is likely that you feel stuck, stubborn, and highly judgmental of others. The rules you have adopted and the negative emotions you experience are creating barriers to your success in life. By choosing to change belief that limit you, and by letting go of the negative emotions connected to those barriers, you will experience considerable change for the better. This high score means that you will need to invest a lot of time and commitment to yourself to create your success, but the greater the investment, the more significant the changes you will make in your life.

If your final score is 121-240, you are in the middle of the road. We consider this as”average.”Although you are encountering serious limitations to your success and sense of well- being it will be relatively easier for you to learn how to change those aspects than ir will be for chose who reached a higher score. The change will come easier.

If your final score is 0-120, it is likely that you are one of the people in this world who serve as an example of prosperity, success,health, and happiness. If you are not, then go back and retake the least with more introspection and honesty


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