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July 11,2018

I know, you know you can do it

Understand your memory storage and how to store and recall past experiences & mental conditioning. Get Coached to decode a particular memory, experience or mental conditioning. Once you have the techniques installed in your mind, you can change it into a better more empowering code and install the new more empowering code back into the unconscious Mind. Find out the internal representation of your brain and take control of it. Get rid of unwanted or destructive emotions, like anger outburst, junk food eating, comfort eating…etc. Stop any addictions like foods, beverages, mental addictions, emotional addictions and junk food addictions. Deal...

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July 11,2018

NLP & Unconscious Mind

Laura wants to get rid of her procrastination for her weight loss but every time she finds an excuse to eat and miss her exercise routine. Anna wants to perform and communicate better in her team but every time she goes inside the meeting room she feels nervous and always hesitant to speak up and present her ideas in front of the team. Richard is constantly frustrated by his inability to stop snapping his children. He feels better when he analyzes the situation but at the next moment when he goes in front of his kids, he behaves the same....

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July 11,2018

Evaluate yourself

Score the following questions between 0 to 3 (0=Never 1=Sometimes 2-Often 3=Always) and send us the form for further discussion. __ I am not knowledgeable enough; this is why I am reluctant to change anything in my life. __ I never had anyone to support me and help me climb the social ladder. __ I am afraid of failing· __ I don't believe I can succeed. __ I don't believe in myself. __ I've never been give in a chance. __ My life is far from perfect, but I can quickly pinpoint the shortcomings of others. __ I have always...

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July 9,2018

Remove Conflicts

We carry large baggage of conflicts throughout our life. there are conflicts with in self and with others. Since childhood we have been given a lot of conflicted statement that kept us confused even today. There is truth on both sides of conflicts argument. Yes, it is a good thing to pay attention to our feelings and recognize our emotions, but how can one do that if all one experiences are negative emotions? The rational and logical approach typicd of the western thought tends to discard the importance of emotions as something fiindamentdly flawed, and Therefore, to be avoided or,...

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July 3,2018

Fear!!! let it go easily and effortlessly.

Don't spend your whole life in fear of what may be... Hey, I hope you are having a wonderful day, and feeling happy. The sun is shining here in Sydney so I am very happy, although we do need rain badly! We are on tank water where we are living so I have been bucketing the water out of the bath every night to keep my garden alive:) Today I want to touch on the subject of fear, because this has been a major factor that has paralysed me at times throughout my life and has held me back from achieving my...

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